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What is ISSA
The International Sports Sciences Association was founded in 1988 by a team of leading fitness experts and exercise scientists. ISSA has taught over 400,000 students and trainers in 174 countries and is now recognized as the world leader in fitness education and certification. ISSA acts as a teaching institution for personal trainers, athletic trainers, coaches, physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and professionals in every field of health care.

The ISSA CPT Diploma

ISSA have collaborated with Liftdex Education (UAE)and PD Approval (UK) to bring you a UAE and worldwide accredited version of the ISSA Certified Personal Trainer course

You will benefit from access to world class up to the minute online study content from ISSA along with practical workshops and assessments provided by PD Approval to meet regional and international industry standards.

Through a blend of online video lectures, downloadable manuals, study guides, webinars along with 6 live face to face practical days, you will learn everything from the foundations up to the advanced (Level 3) knowledge and skills required to work as a successful and confident Personal Trainer.

Get Certified

(Includes registration, all study content, assessment and certification up to Level 3 Personal Trainer)
What You'll Learn from This Course
ISSA created a comprehensive Certified Personal Trainer course that blends science-based research
with real-world application. Equipped with ISSA's Personal Training Certification, you can learn quickly, start training
clients, and build a lifelong career as a successful personal trainer. Once you complete this course, you'll be able to:
Frequently Asked Questions
Is ISSA CPT Diploma Accredited?

ISSA CPT Diploma through Liftdex will be accredited by PD Approval (IUK). This means that the course will be approved and accepted by REPs UAE and all other ICREPs registers as well as Europe Active.
Other versions of ISSA CPT courses without the accreditation by PD Approval are not approved by REPs. If you currently hold an unaccredited version of ISSA certificate, please call us as we can help you to upskill.

Who are Liftdex Education?

Liftdex Education is the Fitness Education arm of the company, Liftdex, the leader in gym manufacturing and supplier in UAE and beyond for customised personal and commercial gym equipment. Liftdex Education are the official partner for ISSA Education in UAE.
The Liftdex educational faculty comprises of highly qualified and experienced fitness industry professionals, tutors, assessors and support staff who are there to support you through your learner journey.

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What You'll Get with This Course
Online Study Materials

Foundations and Applications for a Certified Personal Trainer is new and improved, updated with new exercise descriptions, chapter quizzes and the latest information on nutrition, motivation and behaviour change, and exercise science. It has everything you need to successfully earn your Personal Trainer Certification, including a Fast Track Study Guide to help you study and pass your exam faster. The 715-page book even features a chapter on business and marketing to help you start and grow a profitable training business.

6 Days of Live Workshops

6 full days with your fellow students and our expert tutors and assessors, set over 3 weekends in one of Dubai’s well equipped gym facilities (tbc). You will put into practice what you have learned online as well as learn additional practical and vocational skills required to successfully train clients.

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