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Our Fitness Courses

ISSA Liftdex Education have collaborated with PD Approval (UK) to bring you a REPs UAE approved and internationally accredited version of the ISSA Certified Personal Trainer course.

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Get a REPs UAE approved and internationally
accredited qualification
* ISSA Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Diploma Course 0
* PD Approval Level 3 PT Diploma Course 0
* ISSA CPT Upskill course 0
* ISSA CPT Online only course * 0
Earn REPS CPD point by taking a specialism course
(Live Courses)
*ISSA Kettlebell Fundamentals Live – Level 1 0
* ISSA Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor 0
* PD Approval Pre&Post Natal Exercise Instructor 0
* ISSA Glute Specialist 0
Earn REPS CPD point by taking a specialism course
(Online Courses)

*ISSA Nutritionist

*ISSA Glute Specialist

*ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist

*ISSA Exercise Recovery Specialist

*ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist

*ISSA Youth Fitness Specialist

*ISSA Senior Fitness Specialist

*ISSA Transformation Specialist

*ISSA Online Coach

*ISSA Weight Management Specialist

*ISSA Group Exercise Instructor*ISSA Health Coach

*ISSA Strength & Conditioning Coach

*ISSA CPR/AED Online course

*FITMarketing Mastery

*FITMartketing Global Fitness Business Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ISSA CPT Diploma Accredited?

ISSA CPT Diploma through Liftdex will be accredited by PD Approval (IUK). This means that the course will be approved and accepted by REPs UAE and all other ICREPs registers as well as Europe Active.
Other versions of ISSA CPT courses without the accreditation by PD Approval are not approved by REPs. If you currently hold an unaccredited version of ISSA certificate, please call us as we can help you to upskill.More Frequently Asked Questions

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