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ISSA Kettlebell Fundamentals Live – Level 1*new*

Learn all about how to use these highly versatile and highly effective pieces of equipment to the best effect. Course comprises of a short online theory study component to learn the background and science behind the training methodology, followed by 1 day of live learning in the gym with our Master Trainers. Here we will cover the 7 fundamental moves and how to perform, teach and perfect technique for each, as well as how to effectively program and combine them for you or your clients.

You will get
• 1 day of practical learning in the gym with Master Trainers
• Text book, guided learning and quiz
• Online learning portal with exercise videos and other resources
• Certification from ISSA and Liftdex Education
• REPs CPD points

This course is for fitness professionals already certified at Level 2 or Level 3 in the following disciplines
• Personal Trainer
• Fitness Instructor
• Group Fitness Instructor
• Yoga Teacher
• Pilates Teacher

Attendance for the live workshop only for those who are not certified but wish to gain knowledge for their own personal use can click here to select the ‘Pre&Post Natal Workshop Only’ option
Cost for this is AED 750

18 years of age or older.. You can book your course and start the online learning straight away and select your live course from our schedule.
Please check our course calendar on the website or contact Whatsapp +971 058 5967117 for more details.

Pre & Post Natal Exercise Instructor Certification*new*
PD Approval

2 Days LIVE course + theory study and assessment
Our Pre&Post Natal Exercise Instructor (PPNEI) course is a more comprehensive course for those looking to specialise in training this special population group. We go in-depth into both the theory and practical aspects of the impact of pregnancy and postpartum and the associated changes to clients both physically, and psycho-socially and how this impacts their training and how you train them. There can often be fear from both client and trainer about training during pregnancy and in the postpartum period, and this course aims to help you feel competent and confident to train clients during this special time of life.

You’ll Learn:
• The benefits of exercise in the pre&postnatal stages
• The physiological and biomechanical changes during the pregnancy and postnatal periods
• The truth about what you can and cannot do for exercise during pregnancy and post partum!
• How to assess, plan and evaluate exercise for pregnant and postnatal clients according to stages and trimesters of pregnancy
• How to support clients physical and psychological wellbeing throughout their pregnancy and postnatal period

You will get
• 2 days of practical learning in the gym with Master Trainers
• Text book, guided learning and other resources to support learning
• Learner Assessment Pack
• Certification as Pre&Post Natal Exercise Instructor• REPS UAE 16 CPD points

ISSA Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor CPD*new*

2 Day LIVE course + online theory
Our ISSA Certified Cycling Instructor course equips trainers with the knowledge to build result-driven cycling classes.

You’ll Learn:
• Movement, Energy Systems and Performance
• Cycling-Specific Nutrition Demands
• How To Grow Your Skills As An Instructor
• Class Design, Equipment, And Riding Techniques
• How to Create Fun, Safe and Effective Cycling Classes
• Musicality, Choreography, Coaching and Motivating

You will get

2 full live days of practical learning in the studio with Master Trainers

• Manual, workbooks and class templates• Access to online learning portal containing useful resources
• Online theory exam and practical assessment

ISSA Certified Glute Specialist CPD*new*
1 Day LIVE course + online theory course

Our ISSA Glute Training Specialist Course teaches trainers the science behind building better glutes and how to focus on these muscle groups to give clients the best results.
You’ll learn
how to unlock the hips, create better programming and deliver impressive results.You’ll Learn:• Glute focused trends and training
• Anatomy specifically of the glutes, hips and lower body
• Client Assessments and movement patters
• Activation, hypertrophy and strength exercises
• Common glute and hip dysfunction and corrective exerciseYou will get1 day of practical learningin the studio with Master Trainers
• Text book, guided learning and quizzes to check knowledge
• Online learning portal with exercise video library and other

• Adaptable 6 Week Glute Training Program for Glute Hypertrophy
• Online theory exam and practical drills
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