Liftdex Adjustable Bench (weight lifting bench) add to the muscles which benefit a lot from doing bench presses are the triceps. Weight Lifting Bench consist of three main muscles, those being the long, lateral, and medial triceps. It takes a whole lot of arm, shoulder, and chest power to do a heavy gym bench press, and you can rest assured that with each press you do, your muscles are growing in size and strength.
Liftdex weight lifting bench consist of different types and shape bench, currently we have in stock only Adjustable Incline Bench and Flat Lifting Bench. Our production are of quality, from liftdex factory to our store then we deliver.

The adjustable bench set is ideal for home and commercial gym centres as it includes pop-pin chrome slide track changes and is intended to work freely or close by any squat rack, half pen, Smith machine, and other weight lifting equipment.

<b>Here are the factors to look into when you buy Gym workout adjustable weight bench.</b>

Check the utmost user load supported by the loading bench
The max load of the bar rest
How much space it will take up?
Check the dimensions according to the space availability in your space before buying an adjustable weight bench.

Setting it up
When you choose your ideal weight bench to buy, you must see how easy or difficult it is to assemble the machine.

Adjustments and Settings
You must check which upgrades or/and accessories are accessible for your gym workout bench.
While buying an adjustable gym workout weight bench, choose a fully-featured weights bench as it permits you to perform a wide range of exercises and do the most out of your muscles.
In case, you are on a tighter budget to buy a weight bench, then opt for an adjustable weight bench because you’ll have an option of adding extra pieces later.
Durability and Stability
Choose the bench that matches your strength, weight, and height.
You must check the solidity of the bench, shoulder stands, bar, and set of disc weights.
Safety and Comfort
Buy a weight bench that has enough big backrest, because it allows you to perform your bench presses comfortably and preferably at an incline.

Choose a Gym workout bench that is non-movable as well as comfortable and adjustable
The shoulder stands must be adjustable both in height and size.
Check whether the adjustable weight bench has safety catches and spotters.

Flat Bench


  • Length: 1,220mm
  • Width: 305mm
  • Height: 460mm
  • Weight: 22.50kg

Incline Bench


  • Length: 1,400mm
  • Width: 750mm
  • Height: 450mm
  • Weight: 41.50kg

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