ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist CPD

January 6, 2022
ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist CPD
January 19, 2022
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ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist CPD


As a Bodybuilding specialist, you will learn training, recovery, motivation, and nutritional strategies to prepare you to work with bodybuilders. This course will provide essential information that can help you train the “everyday” clients who have specific goals. All trainers can benefit from the information in this bodybuilding course, not only individuals looking to enter the sport of bodybuilding!

18 years of age or older. No prior fitness education required.  Experience in training self or others in the gym environment beneficial.  To take your exam you’ll also need proof of CPR/AED certification. You can book your online CPR course with ISSA Liftdex

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Nutritionist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Transformation specialist, Strength & Condition Coach, Glute Specialist, Exercise Recovery Specialist, Group Exercise Instructor, Health Coach, Online Coach, Bodybuilding Specialist, Weight Management Specialist, CPR/AED


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