ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist CPD

As a Bodybuilding specialist, you will learn training, recovery, motivation, and nutritional strategies to prepare you to work with bodybuilders. This course will provide essential information that can help you train the "everyday" clients who have specific goals. All trainers can benefit from the information in this bodybuilding course, not only individuals looking to enter the sport of bodybuilding!

You'll Learn:

• Understand how the principles of muscle anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics apply to program design
• Identify resistance training strategies and modalities that can be used to optimize muscle hypertrophy and strength
• Analyze the pros and cons of various aerobic strategies as they relate to an individual bodybuilder's goals
• Identify the causes of overtraining and injury
• Describe exercises intended to increase strength and hypertrophy
• Apply the principles of basic nutrition and supplementation as they pertain to athletes' health and fitness goals
• Understand how ergogenic aids can be used to improve performance and the health risks that they present
• 8 REPs UAE Points

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ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist CPD

The ISSA's Corrective Exercise Course will help you learn how to identify and correct the most common movement dysfunctions that you are likely to see in a wide range of clients, from the weekend warrior to the serious athlete. Both health care professionals and certified personal trainers can benefit from this distance education course, learning more about how people move incorrectly and how to guide them to correct those dysfunctions. You'll Learn:

• Understand the roles that a personal trainer or health care practitioner are legally and ethically allowed to play when correcting physical dysfunctions
• Explain the structure and function of the human skeletal system
• Describe the structure and function of the skeletal muscle system
• Explain the structure and function of the nervous system
• Describe the primary joint actions and the muscles that drive them
• Explain how movement is initiated, maintained, and modified analysis for any exercise
• Explain the steps to restore structural alignment and stability from head to toe
• Describe the corrective exercises that correspond with the most common movement dysfunctions
• Describe soft tissue assessments and correctives for the most common joint restrictions
• 10 REPs UAE Points

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Once enrolled, you will complete an online self-paced, interactive, multi-media training course. The online course takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes to complete. After completing your online course, you can immediately download a printable course completion certificate. If you are renewing your CPR/AED certification for employment or insurance purposes, ask your employer or insurance carrier if online CPR/AED is an accepted method of renewal.

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ISSA Exercise Recovery Specialist CPD

As the awareness and emerging trend of recovery continues to grow, the fitness industry is realizing it is so much more than just stretching, foam rolling and scheduling rest days. As an ISSA Certified Exercise Recovery Specialist, you will learn the connections between exercise science and the recovery process. You will also learn the individual factors affecting individual client responses to muscle recovery techniques. While once only seen in physical therapy applications, fitness trainers can now use this information related to sleep, soreness, stress, massage, nutrition, and even DNA.

You'll Learn:

• Physiology of Muscle Damage
• Overtraining
• Psychology of Overtraining and Workout Recovery
• DNA-Based Recovery
• Nutrition and Supplementation
• SMR and Flexibility Techniques
• Sleep
• Massage Therapy
• Advanced Recovery Strategies
• 10 REPs UAE Points

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ISSA Glute Specialist CPD

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to building stronger glutes. You can’t just squat your way to stronger glutes. And now with the increased awareness of the role this muscle group plays in injury prevention, performance, AND looking fit - glute training is in demand! The ISSA Glute Training Specialist COURSE teaches trainers the science behind building better glutes and how to focus on these muscle groups to give clients the best results. You’ll learn how to unlock the hips, create better programming, and deliver envious results. You’ll master the art of developing a superior posterior and be the go-to glute expert!

You’ll Learn:

• Glute-focused trends and training
• Movement patterns
• Client assessments and forms
• Anatomy & activation, strength, and hypertrophy exercises
• Common hip and glute dysfunctions
• Marketing, communication, and professionalism as a glute trainer
• 10 REPs UAE Points

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ISSA Group Exercise Instructor CPD

Group Exercise is a great fitness solution for people who are looking to get into shape, have fun, and be social. So, it's no surprise that this form of exercise has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Now with ISSA's Certified Group Exercise Instructor course, trainers can learn how to keep up with the fast-paced structure of a group class and learn how to teach up to 12 formats in less than 6 months

You'll Learn:

• The skills you need to teach 12 different exercise formats (including HIIT, Bootcamp, Kickboxing, Step, Stretch, Muscle Conditioning, and more)
• Safety and injury prevention
• The science behind group exercise and how it works
• How to design and instruct a group exercise class for every level
*NOTE: This is not a REPs UAE Entry Level course, it will gain you CPD points only.

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ISSA Health Coach CPD

Health Coaches address obstacles bigger than what can be solved in the gym. They provide the guidance needed to help clients with health conditions, and develop programs that empower these individuals — providing insight, accountability, and motivation to make lasting positive change. As an ISSA Health Coach, you'll gain the skills you need to work with clients who require an expert in health, psychology and fitness - because these clients need it all to reach their goals. You will provide essential training to help them overcome struggles that are leading to a lack of goal achievement, motivation, or behavior change - and ultimately, help them live their best and healthiest life.

You'll Learn:

• Cognitive Behavior Approaches
• Goal Setting and Psychology Skills for Health Coaching
• Chronic Health Conditions
• Basic Exercise and Nutrition Science
• Stress Management Skills
• Health Coaching Scenarios
• Health Coaching Business, Practice, and Ethics

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ISSA Nutritionist CPD

Great personal trainers know you can't out-exercise a bad diet. This means clients need nutrition advice. If they don't get tips on what to eat from you, they'll turn elsewhere.
The ISSA Nutritionist course teaches the science of food intake PLUS a deep dive into the mental aspects involved in client behavior change. You will learn how to use food as fuel and the psychological strategies in food selection and habits. Master the art of creating personalized nutrition programs even in a world of diet trends.

You'll Learn:

• Macronutrients and Micronutrients
• Lifestyle Changes and Strategies
• Client Assessments and Goal Setting
• Product Labels and Claims
• Dietary Guidelines and Applications
• Trending Diets and Myths
• Supplementation
• Business of Nutrition Coaching
• 10 REPs UAE Points

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ISSA Online Coach CPD

Online and virtual fitness is the most in-demand training option for clients today - and it's not going away any time soon. But now more than ever, people want an expert to help them get the results they expect from the gym, at home. So how do they find YOU?
The ISSA Online Coaching COURSE teaches trainers what it really takes to be successful at running a long-lasting online business. You'll learn how to create effective email campaigns, perfect your social media promotions, and how to really sell your training programs. You'll be the boss of the fitness business and the CEO of your own future.

You'll Learn:

• The best online coaching platforms
• Digital & Social Marketing
• Branding and business positioning
• Effective and proven selling techniques
• How to grow and lead teams
• Everything you need for building a successful virtual training business.
• 10 REPs UAE Points

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ISSA Transformation specialist CPD

The ISSA's Transformation Course integrates the theory of behavioral change with practical strategies for influencing behavioral patterns as they relate to physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Students learn the skills needed to affect a qualitative shift in client behavior. Topics covered include the stages of behavioral change, motivational interviewing, positive psychology, commitment strategies, flow, and the experience sampling method.

You'll Learn:

• Recognize and identify the stages of change
• Describe characteristic features of each stage of change that can be used to assess the client.
• Design strength-based program that incorporates elements of flourishing.
• Characterize the five components of positive psychology.
• Incorporate specific skills to move the client from surviving to thriving.
• Demonstrate knowledge of commitment devices and the ways in which personal trainers can employ them to improve the consistency of client behavior.
• 10 REPs UAE Points

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ISSA Strength & Condition Coach CPD

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, you'll be able to pursue your passion for fitness and helping coach athletes to reach their peak performance. By becoming certified in strength and fitness, you'll learn how to train high performing athletes and produce result-driven programs that any employer would be begging to have.

You'll Learn:

• How to apply the principles of metabolism, body mechanics, and anatomy to help athletes of any level reach their optimal performance
• Understand the athlete anatomy and how body mechanics and structure influence energy and performance levels
• Learn how to communicate exercise instruction and benefits to your clients
• Get the tools to develop personalized fitness programs intended to increase endurance, strength, power, and speed
• How to apply the principles of nutrition and supplementation as they relate to each individual athlete
• Learn to identify the strains of over-training and how to prevent injuries
• How to properly perform fitness assessments and monitor an athlete's progress and growth
• Learn the fundamentals of sports psychology and how to mentally prepare athletes to overcome hurdles and perform to their highest ability

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ISSA Weight Management Specialist CPD

Gain the knowledge and ability to assist clients in managing their weight and sustaining a healthy lifestyle by becoming an ISSA Weight Management Specialist. Help transform your clients’ bodies inside and outside the gym.
As an ISSA Weight Management Specialist, you will be able to coach your clients with empathy and develop the skills to support them through their transformation, and create lasting change. As a specialist, you will develop plans individualized to your clients’ needs to help them obtain their fitness goals.

You'll Learn:

• Conduct nutrition interviews
• Understand how the body gains and loses weight
• Design healthy eating plans and lasting lifestyle changes for various clients
• Develop the skills necessary to become a successful Weight Management Specialist and make a further impact on your current and future clients
• 4 REPs UAE Points

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