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This course is studied partly online through the ISSA online learning platform and partly live with 6 days of live learning in the gym with our Master Trainers, plus live assessments.

ISSA CPT Course follows the US model of certification, so you will go from the beginning straight up to Level 3 Personal Trainer with just one set of exams. (No separate Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer)

Already Certified Online from ISSA? join our Upskill course and get REPs UAE certified – click here for more details. (ISSA CPT Upskill Course)


What You’ll Get with This Course

*ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Certification
*PD Approval Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training Certificate

ImageThese certificates give a trainer the ability to register with REPs UAE as Category A Personal Trainer Full Status.

• Study Manuals ISSA Foundations and Applications for a Certified Personal Trainer Manual has everything you need to successfully earn your Personal Trainer Certification, including a Fast Track Study Guide to help you study and pass your exam faster.

• Downloadable workbook Featuring activities to complete and notes to support and check your learning through each chapter of the course.

• Student Forum and Personalised Support All your questions answered quickly by a team of online support experts You also have access to support from Liftdex Education faculty too. Study Aids & Business Resources A wide range of study aids from exercise videos and anatomy & physiology glossaries to advice on how to set up your own business and how to interview for positions in the fitness industry.

• Practice Quizzes You can check your learning after every chapter and retake as often as you want when preparing for your exams

• Audio and Video Lecture Options Choose to listen or to watch and listen online at your convenience.

• 6 Days of Live Workshops 6 full days with your fellow students and our expert tutors and assessors, set over 2 long weekends in one of Dubai’s high end and well equipped gym facilities. Put into practice what you have learned online as well as learn additional practical and vocational skills required to successfully train clients. Work with your peers to learn the practical skills you need to work with PT clients.

• Workbooks and Practical Toolkit You will receive workbooks and a Portfolio to complete during your workshops and you will practice with your peers using assessment and planning tools to prepare you for the real work of PT

• Live Practical Assessments Scheduled with our Assessors to ensure you feel competent and confident in your assessing, PT programming and coaching skills

ISSA created a comprehensive Certified Personal Trainer course that blends science-based research with real-world application. Equipped with ISSA’s Personal Training Certification, you can learn quickly, start training clients, and build a lifelong career as a successful personal trainer.
Once you complete this course, you’ll be able to:
• Confidently assess an individual’s current fitness level and goals to customize an effective and results-driven exercise program specific to the client’s needs.
• Understand the basic components of anatomy, human movement, proper exercise technique, and even basic safety and emergency procedures for fitness professionals.
• Educate clients on current diet trends, nutrition, and supplementation to make a huge impact on their health and transform their lives.
• Apply your knowledge of effective exercise program design, the principles of fitness, and how the body responds to exercise to engage clients and drive fitness results.
• Put your knowledge of the principles of human motivation and the psychology of behaviour change to work to support your clients’ goals and create long-lasting change.
• Build a well-run, connected fitness business with the email and marketing skills presented in the new Business and Marketing chapter.
Already Certified Online from ISSA? join our Upskill course – click here for more details.

How to Join

• Purchase the course from our online shop or request a payment link from our team at [email protected] or Whatsapp +971 058 5967117• Receive access to your online learning platform and study the online content• Select you preferred Live Workshops from our Academic Calendar and email or message the team to confirm your place.• Please Note – attendance to all 6 days is mandatory and you must have completed at least 50% of the online content before attending for workshop)• Take your Practical Assessments, theory exam and submit your case studyReceive your ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Certificate and PD Approval Level 3 Personal Trainer certificates and start your career as an internationally qualified Personal Trainer!If you have any questions, please feel free to email or Whatsapp the team any time.
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