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Issa Frequently Asked Questions

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Is ISSA CPT Diploma Accredited?
ISSA CPT Diploma through Liftdex will be accredited by PD Approval (IUK). This means that the course will be approved and accepted by REPs UAE and all other ICREPs registers as well as Europe Active. Other versions of ISSA CPT courses without the accreditation by PD Approval are not approved by REPs. If you currently hold an unaccredited version of ISSA certificate, please call us as we can help you to upskill.


Who are Liftdex Education?
Liftdex Education is the Fitness Education arm of the company, Liftdex, the leader in gym manufacturing and supplier in Dubai for customised personal and commercial gym equipment. Liftdex Education are the official partner for ISSA Education in UAE.

The Liftdex educational faculty comprises of highly qualified and experienced fitness industry professionals, tutors, assessors and support staff who are there to support you through your learner journey.


Who are PD Approval?
PD Approval are an education company specialised in accrediting education and working with organisations to provide professional recognition. Within the fitness industry they have partnered with REPs to ensure that qualifications meet the industry’s high professional standards.


How long does it take to complete the program?
The Certified Personal Trainer online content can be completed in as little as four weeks with the Fast Track program. Most students take around 8-12 weeks to complete self guided study. After this you must attend for your live workshops and live assessments which are scheduled conveniently throughout the year. You do, however, have up to 1 year to complete the qualification*

(*extensions can be approved on case to case basis)


Is this certificate internationally recognised?
Yes! The ISSA is accepted at most franchise gyms throughout the United States and abroad. The ISSA CPT Diploma certificate with PD Approval is recognised by REPs and Europe Active. There is portability between ICREPs registers meaning that if you are registered with REPs UAE you can transfer to other ICREPs registers in other countries.


Can I register with REPs with this certificate?

The Liftdex ISSA CPT Diploma certificate (with PD Approval accreditation) will allow you to register with REPs UAE.

For more information, please leave your details below or mail Liftdex

[email protected]

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