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Competition Plates

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Competition Bumper Plates

The liftdex Rubber Bumpers are the perfect solution for those looking for a high-quality plate for commercial or home at affordable rates. Each plate is 450mm in diameter tested in our state-of-the-art Liftdex testing facilities. They each utilize a stainless-steel insert and fit standard 50mm diameter bar sleeves. The Liftdex rubber plates are made from dense virgin rubber, which reduces the thickness of the bumper plate. Therefore, more weight can be loaded onto a bar – useful for squats and deadlifts. Markings on the plates are in KG, with the plates ranging from 5kg to 20kg. Liftdex logo is screen printed on the plate. Durable with a superb dead bounce, Our plates are top value for your, gym, home, or garden.
Plate Thickness:

  • 5kg – 26mm
  • 10kg – 38mm
  • 15kg – 58mm
  • 20kg – 72mm
  • 25kg – 84mm

Warranty: We offer a 1-year Warranty on our Hybrid bumpers. This excludes the 5kg plates which have a 90-day warranty. We strongly advise that you use a minimum of 18mm matting to protect your bumper plates. Failure to use adequate matting will void your warranty.

Polyurethane competition coloured plates

The Liftdex urethane comp plates will help you take your Olympic lifting to the next level. Calibrated to +/- 10 grams, they fit snugly onto the bar with superb dead bounce performance. Colour coded for each plate size makes it the best-looking and quality plate in the market.
Plate Thickness

  • Black – 5KG – 20mm
  • Green – 10KG – 29.8mm
  • Yellow – 15KG – 42.5mm
  • Blue – 20KG – 55.0mm
  • Red – 25KG – 67.1mm

Additional Product Information:

  • Plate diameter: 450mm
  • Collar Opening: 50.40 mm

Insert Type: Steel Disc Chrome Plated

Camouflage Plates

Diameter: 450mm (+/- 3mm)

Collar Opening: 50.40mm 304

Stainless Steel Inserts Weight Tolerance: +/- 1% claimed weight

Minimal Bounce Black + Grey Camo Finish

The reason we need a gym plate for fitness exercise is that it can provide us with more weights to improve our fitness. Add more weight while exercising with gym plates

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