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Liftdex Wall Mounted Cable Column


Made from start to finish at Liftdex HQ in the UAE, each Wall Mounted Cable Column uses a 120kg weight stack, and a pulley system with a 2:1 Pulley Ratio. The cable stack system uses high-strength chrome guide rods along with high-tensile galvanised steel cable coated in a durable corrosion resistant polymer. The carabiner end allows any cable machine attachment to be fastened onto the cable column.

The single handle on each cable column features a 160° swivel and can be quickly adjusted across 20 different holes of 75mm increments using a pull-pin and roller system. The weight is easily adjusted from the side of Performance Wall Mounted Cable Column using a pin.

Each Liftdex Wall Mounted Cable Column features a 2.5m upright and two 0.7m crossmembers with pulleys preinstalled. Both crossmembers have the pulleys discretely integrated in a way as to not exceed the height or width of the 2.5m upright which is great for those tight on ceiling height.

Manufactured using 75x75mm laser cut-mild steel uprights the cable machine is compatible with any 75x75mm square tube Liftdex Rig.

Key Features:

. 120kg weight stack with 2:1 pulley ratio Wall mountable
. 160° swivel on handle to allow cable to be used in multiple directions
. M20 high-tensile bolt assembly
. Designed and manufactured in Liftdex
. 75x75mm mild-steel laser-cut uprights
. 23 height settings on cable columns



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