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Liftdex Core Power Bag


An extremely versatile piece of equipment, the Liftdex Exercise Sandbag helps to improve fitness levels and increase strength. With an elongated shape, our gym sandbags have handles in various places across its body, allowing for different exercises to be carried out to target specific areas of both the upper and lower body. These weight bags add an extra dimension when it comes to your functional fitness training as the uniquely placed handles allow you can execute a number of different workouts. Some of the most popular gym sandbag exercises include: Zercher Squats, Bear Hug Squats, Bent Over Rows, Lunges, Sandbag Sprints and much more!

The Liftdex weighted sandbags are perfect for strength training and our an ideal alternative to Medicine Balls, Kettlebells and Dumbbells.

Please Note: The Liftdex Sandbags come pre-filled.

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