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Gym bench

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Liftdex Weight Lifting bench add to the muscles which benefit a lot from doing bench presses are the triceps. Weight Lifting Bench consist of three main muscles, those being the long, lateral, and medial triceps.
It takes a whole lot of arm, shoulder, and chest power to do a heavy weight lifting bench press, and you can rest assured that with each press you do, your muscles are growing in size and strength.
A weight bench is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment you can have. And one iconic move that gets its namesake from it is the flat bench press (including this bench press variation). “The flat barbell bench press has always been one of the gym’s glamour lifts, and it’s one of the finest ways to add size, strength, and power to your chest. It’s a move that you inherently know, too, a more loaded version of the exercise you learned when you were younger, the pushup,” .

To nail weight lifting bench, it all comes down to correct positioning.

But having a workout bench can be utilized for so much more than just chest exercises (like chest presses, dumbbell bench presses and incline bench supersets.) The moves you can do on a weight bench are nearly limitless. You can also do tons of triceps targeting skullcrushers, glute bridges, incline rows to hit your back, ab moves, quad and leg moves like split squats, and more biceps moves than you can imagine with just this one piece of equipment.
Have we convinced you just how versatile the weight bench really is? If so, we’ve rounded up some of the best weight benches that will really take your training and your home gym to the next level. You can’t go wrong with

Weight Lifting Flat Bench


  • Length: 1,220mm
  • Width: 305mm
  • Height: 460mm
  • Weight: 22.50kg

Workout Incline Adjustable Bench


  • Length: 1,400mm
  • Width: 750mm
  • Height: 450mm
  • Weight: 41.50kg

Squat Rack

The Liftdex squat rack is for the athletes and serious gym goers who are in no mood to get fooled with crazy lifestyle. To make things more sorted, our every weight lifting equipment holds aesthetic features and can be adjusted with the needs of the customer. Coming to the qualities, we have made sure to deliberately manage the features to avoid any dissatisfaction followed by injuries as well.

At Liftdex we have a variety of free standing racks to choose from.

All our racks have been tested in the liftdex in house testing facilities for optimum safety.

A quick look at the features –

  • H*W*D – 72*48*48
  • The finish is black powder coating
  • Weight is 136lbs
  • Footprint is 48*48

The racks chosen by you can be easily customised, and for this, you just have to share the concern with the team, and everything will get sorted in minutes. The braces, attachments, hardware, numbering etc. are of good qualities and will not give rise to any injuries or accidents.

The racks are further adjustable and will not create any kind of trouble for the user. Based on the need, it is advised to modify it, and if there is any doubt or concern, then our team will address the same.

Make an order now with Liftdex, and give your muscles proper support with our lifting racks. We promise to dish your gym with affordable yet the most reliant equipments. Share the customisation needs prior putting the final order.


  • Non Flat foot/Flat foot design keeps your Squat Rack stable.
  • Bolt-down gusset plates available if you want bolt-down assurance.
  • 450kg. capacity
  • Pair of UHMW lined Liftdex JHooks included


  • Weight: 136 lbs
  • Uprights: 3″x3″ 11 gauge steel
  • Finish: Black Powder Coating
  • Height: 72″/ customized as required
  • Width: 48″
  • Depth: 48″
  • Footprint: 48″ x 48″
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